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As an integral part of Baton Rouge retail since 1984, Victoria's Toy Station has enriched the lives of multiple generations of our city's children. Victoria's Toy Station specializes in classic children's toys as well as new and unique brands that emphasize playfulness, innocence and all-out fun!

Our Philosophy

Our company's philosophy is based on three primary tenets:
  • We provide safe and high quality toys and gifts for your child's play and for parent's peace of mind, with solid products, good price points and multiple play value toys.

  • To create an environment that is exciting and fun to shop and to gather ideas for all your gift buying needs.

  • We are a family owned small business that supports the local community and schools.

Our History

Victoria's Toy Station started in 1984 in a train station called Catfish Town in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In 1987 we were excited to move to our current location, a 1930's Victorian cottage that has been our home for 23 years. The name of the store was taken from Victoria's Station in England, which was made famous in the story of Paddington Bear. Actually, Victoria's Station is a busy train station in England today.

The store has been a constant work in progress, always innovative in our approach and always providing a magical environment to shop in.

Why are PLAY and TOYS so important?

Play provides a child to develop who they are and what they will become! It provides a personal connection and encourages creativity in their future development.

We believe, like Albert Einstein, that "imagination is more important than intelligence", and play promotes that idea.

Play is so very important for children; it provides a social network between the child and the object. It takes them away and makes them wonder, dream and think. Their imaginations take hold and gives them ideas, desire happiness and makes them feel safe. Play will develop their personalities, special gifts, talents, and of course, intelligence.
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